Relationship Therapist, Couple Counsellor and Family Therapist
UKCP &  AFT reg. Systemic Psychotherapist

Working for The Pink Practice

I work online with couples about their relationships and with families who have relatives who are trans, genderqueer, queer and perhaps in transition. With couples wanting relationship therapy, they may be wanting to discuss having children or co-parenting, communication patterns, whether or how to open their relationship, sexual compatability and satisfaction, gender transition. Sometimes it is helpful to look at external factors that affect relationships such as family and community connections, work patterns, alcohol and drug use, histories of violence and abuse, intense and difficult feelings such as anger, sadness, anxiety and frustration.

What I enjoy about counselling and psychotherapy

I like it when people feel better about themselves, when they get on better, when life feels more joyous. I am really fascinated by how differently people think and how they come to understand what is happening for them. I like witnessing people shift in their thinking about themselves and their lives so that they experience more joy. Being a therapist is an incredible way of creating a warm and fuzzy echo in the world. Working with couples means I get a chance to witness people finding ways through love. It feels like an honour to assist those in relationships to find the balance of separateness and togetherness that is right for them.

Work I do at The Pink Practice

I have been an associate therapist with The Pink Practice since 2013. I work with couples and families online.
  • Couple therapy and relationship therapy with adults
  • Family therapy.
  • Supporting families where a relative is going through gender or sexuality transition.

Study and Qualifications

I have a masters in family and systemic psychotherapy from The Institute of Family Therapy and the University of London. Whilst working as a psychologist in Sydney, I developed a narrative practice orientation. This gave me an understanding of how the stories that we tell about ourselves and our lives affect the way we live and choices we feel we have. My training in psychology introduced me to ideas about the self and non-pathologising approaches.

Professional Membership

I am a registered Systemic Psychotherapist with

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