UKCP &  AFT reg. Systemic Psychotherapist, AFT reg. Supervisor, Prof.Doc Systemic Practice

Working for The Pink Practice

I'm a systemic relationship therapist and founding member of The Pink Practice.

Work I do at The Pink Practice

  • Therapy with couples and queer family online.
  • Consultations with parents of young people who are lesbian, gay, transgender, gender queer, gender or sexuality questioning online.
  • Supervision with systemic therapists.

Some thoughts on working with couples

Couples have their own backdrops and relationship cultures. So it follows that they need a bespoke approach to suit them as a couple and to approach the nature of the issues with which they are struggling.

When I first meet a couple for relationship work, it's useful to find out a bit about who I'm talking with. I don't leap straight into problem talk because I need to know who these people are when they aren't having struggles, and to understand how capable they are in other areas of their lives. That's important because generally people coming to therapy are hugely competent, very able and versatile as a colleague, employee or employer, friend, family member and no doubt, partner. Problems in relationships are a small part of a person's self but can impact hugely on how they see themselves or feel seen by their partner.

It can be useful also to get a sense of whether people would prefer reflective conversation or suggestions of new things to try. Either way, the aim is to have a collaborative, exploratory conversation so people feel they are influencing the focus as well as the way we work together.

Over the years, I've found that therapeutic ways of working need constantly re-inventing to depathologise and decolonise professional ways of communicating, and to challenge our received values and attachments to certain theories.

I have an interest in non-binary genders, autism and ecosystemic approaches to therapy. The Pink Practice has always been a place in which to recognise the importance of intersectionality, diverse and complex identities, racial, cultural and community heritage, and challenge dominant theories and cultures.

Other areas of work and professional interests

I've done a fair bit of training and supervising therapists over the years. I led a professional research doctorate for ten years. These days my other energies go into writing, editing and supporting therapists research their practice. You can find some of my papers and books here.

Study and Qualifications

  • Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice. University of Bedfordshire, 2011.
  • MA Systemic Practice. University of Northumbria, 2000.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Systemic Therapy with Individuals, Couples and Families. Kensington Consultation Centre, London, 1993.
  • Diploma Art & Design. Guildhall University School of Art, London. 1993.

Professional Membership

I am a registered Systemic Psychotherapist with

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