Our style of therapy is conversational and we ask questions to help think through whatever is on your mind. We will give you feedback about what you are telling us and sometimes we make suggestions for you to choose from. We try to use uncomplicated language.

In theoretical terms, our practice is based on a relational model of therapy - systemic, social constructionist and narrative therapies. People live in relation to others and much of how we see the world and understand ourselves is influenced by the people we are or have been surrounded by. We are interested in what ideas you are drawing on and how these ideas or "stories" might be working for you or keeping things feeling stuck and frustrating. We are also find it is useful to talk about your style and pattern of communication.

Therapy or counselling can create opportunities for identifying the unhelpful stories and behaviours. It can support and develop more useful ideas and behaviours which offer the dignity, strength and know-how which your circumstances may be needing.

We offer short and longer term work. You decide with the therapist how often you want to come and for how many sessions. We encourage gaps between appointments to allow time to process new ideas and change. So you might want to come weekly, fortnightly, three weekly or monthly.

What sorts of things can we help with?